In our dynamic and fast-paced lives, optimal hydration helps us find balance both physically and mentally. We know that beginning the day by drinking a glass of water will have a positive influence on how we feel for the rest of the day, especially if we substitute regular drinking water with alkaline water.

What is Alkalife ?

Masafi Alkalife is a pH9 ionized alkaline water that brings many benefits to your body such as instant hydration and efficient regulation of body temperature. It also helps in regulating blood pressure and sugar levels, slows down the ageing process along with many other benefits.

How to get the best benefit from Alkalife ?

There are no restrictions when it comes to drinking Alkalife. It is suitable for all age-groups. However, did you know that you lose about a litre of water during sleep at night? Hence, to perform at your absolute best, our recommendation is to have a glass of Masafi Alkalife in the morning to jump-start the day and master the challenges awaiting. Keep drinking throughout the day, preferably between meals, to continually feel energised.
Begin your day with Alkalife and simply #FeelReady

Composition (Approx) in PPM/ (mg/L)
pH 9
TDS mg/L 120-160
Bicarbonates mg/L 110
Carbonates mg/L 20
Total Hardness mg/L 15
Chloride mg/L 4
Sodium mg/L 16
Potassium mg/L 60
Nitrate mg/L <0.06
Fluoride mg/L <0.045
Sulfphates mg/L 8
Magnesium mg/L 2
Calcium mg/L <2

Alkaline Water

PH 9

Source From

Al Hajjar Mountain

300m Deep Earth water

Masafi quality Water

Single Serve

Masafi Alkalife 330ml x 12 x 2
Masafi Alkalife 500ml x 12 x 2

Multi Serve

Masafi Alkalife 1.5 Ltr S/W x 6 x 2
About Masafi

Water in a desert is the most precious treasure. Nature has been kind to us by blessing this great land with a perennial source of deep earth water. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to treat this blessing with great love and respect.

A group of people with vision and foresight took the lead to protect this treasure and bring this purest form of water to the people just the way nature meant it to be. And thus, Masafi was born.

To some it’s just a bottle of water. To others it’s a story of people dedicating their lives to protecting this stunning landscape and the sacred source of water flowing beneath it for years, so that generation after generation can quench their thirst with nature’s purest and best.


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